Special Risks


1-    Aviation

2-    Banker's Blanket Bond .

3-    Hacking insurance .

4-    Integrated Insurance Solutions for MFI's .

5-    Piracy and Ransom Risks .

6-    Real Estate Developer Insurance

7-    Credit Insurance .

8-    Freight Forwarder Liability : gig - Egypt had cooperated with the Egyptian international freight forwarder liability association (EIFFA) and first class Professional Reinsurers in the world to be the lead insurance company in Egypt issuing this policy with the special conditions and premiums to meet the Egyptian market requirements and to comply with the EFSA (Egyptian financial supervisory authority)

This policy became a compulsory insurance for any freight forwarder, NVOC or road transporters to become a member in the EIFFA as it covers the following risk:- Coverage:

  • Equipment Insurance ( cargo handling and cargo carrying)
  • Third Party Liability Insurance
  • Cargo Liability Insurance
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Liability to Authorities Insurance
  • Costs and Expenses Insurance

This coverage is extended to be a worldwide coverage.