gig provides you with the best motor insurance services in Egypt, it will indemnify the Insured against loss of or damage to the insured Vehicle and its accessories and space parts. According to Motor Insurance policy issued by the Egyptian Federation of Insurance and approved by Egyptian Financiary Supervisory Authority (EFSA) commensurate with the requirements of the Egyptian market with providing the best Prices and privileges.


Main coverage:

1 Accidental collision or overturning.
2 Fire, lightning, external explosion or self ignition.
3 Malicious act committed by third parties only.
4 Burglary or theft or any attempt thereat.
5 Third party liability till 50,000 EGP for private vehicles (you can increase it with additional premium).
6 Personal Accident 10,000 EGP for the insured (private vehicles).


Additional Coverage:


1 Personal accidents including death sustained to passengers of the motor vehicle or to other persons being in the course of employment.
2 Strikes, riots, civil commotion.
3 Earthquake or other convulsion of nature.
4 Increasing TPL limit.
5 Road side assistant Policy available in (4) different programs.
6 Political Violence.


Features of our service:


1 Competitive prices.
2 Repair at any technical garage of your choice or at the car's dealer garage.
3 The insured will be indemnified within 7 work days once the claim documentation is completed.
4 More than 100 garage and services center. gig account them direct without involving you in the payment process.
5 Wherever your car we can survey it.
6 Motor claim department work all the week (7 days).

We have a dedicated department to handle motor claims customer service. Our clients can follow up on their claims via phone or by using our motor claims follow up mobile App.