Marine Insurance

gig provides you with the best marine insurance services in Egypt, it will indemnify the Insured against loss of and / or damage to the insured goods during transportation from one place to another


Marine Cargo Insurance :


gig - Egypt provides saves insurance protection to the transport commodities in the sea, land and air by its preferential policies that save perfect save that suits the needs according to the international ruling clauses.

Advantages obtained :

  1. Saving external communication costs for claim settlement.
  2. Quickness in obtaining the claim.
  3. Issuing an open marine contract on all expected goods during the year.

Coverage Scope :

The company saves a group of marine insurance clauses can choose from it according to the needs:-

Clause (A , B or  C )

Note:-   In all cases war & strike risks can be covered in return for an additional premium.

-Premium calculation :

Is done according to the nature of the goods & risks involved at the port of loading or the origin of goods , method of transportation , packing , previous loss experience ... (Premium is calculated on percentage basis of the sum insured)

Inland Insurance :



gig - Egypt provides the inland insurance policy for transporting goods by inland means in & out of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

It covers all losses or damages affecting goods during transportation & resulting from fire, collision and overturning of carrying trucks transporting goods also policy may be extended to cover additional risks  such as  ) burglary and / or Loading & unloading … etc )

Note:-   In all cases war & strike risks can be covered in return for an additional premium.

Hull Insurance :

Arab Misr Insurance Group provides the hull insurance policy for individuals & touristic companies which covers the losses or damages to insured vessels such as :

1.  Floating hotel.

2.  Quickness in obtaining the claim Oil tankers.

3.  Cargo vessels.

4.  Barges.

5.  Boats & Yachts.

6.  Builder vessels.

Aviation :-

gig - Egypt provide insurance and consultant services to the aviation industry, and by dealing fairly and effectively with all clients, we will protect our reputation for integrity and quality service.

At Aviation Insurance to offer placements of insurance the following covers:

• Aircraft Insurance - Hull and Liability.

• Helicopter Insurance - Hull and Liability.

• Premises and Hangar keeper Liability.

• Airport Owner's Liability Insurance.

• War Risks Hull and Liability Insurance.

• Pilot's Loss of License.